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OPUS Campers

AirOPUS - "Makes camping accessible to everyone"

The AirOPUS®  Camper trailer is ultra-lightweight and easy to tow, even with a small car. Its low profile gives you the all-round visibility to drive away, carefree and confident. Whilst being small, it’s also very strong with two reinforced folding lids and a universal racking system that provides the perfect load carrying platform.

OPUS is for people who just want to get-out-there and have some fun! Simply hitch up and go, without fuss and with little effort.

Setting up your AirOPUS® camper trailer when you arrive is seamless, quick and easy. With the latest air beam tent technology, the main tent canopy is inflated rather than using conventional metal poles – meaning set up is swift.

It provides great space, comfort and convenience for adventurous families, ready to tow anywhere behind a typical family SUV or 4WD.

Tough Luxury for everyone, anywhere, anytime!